Jack Hall
Product design consultant. Twenty years in Silicon Valley developing new products for major manufacturing companies. Expert in all facets of mass production. Extensive experience as liaison to industry in Asia.

  • Senior level executive experience with skills in corporate / business development, strategic planning, alliances, product planning, design, development and manufacturing, marketing and technology development
  • Focus on market driven, high technology based businesses with concentrations in consumer electronics, medical and computer technologies.
  • Principal of international product design consulting and technology development firm.
  • Manager of design projects for international manufacturing companies such as Sony, HP, Apple, Motorola, Intel, IBM, Fujitsu, Baxter, Philips and 3Com.
  • Managing partner of Interactive Travelvision Network, an internet startup company for exotic travel destinations. Concentration in e-systems strategies and implementation.
  • Founder and Managing Director, modlife.com, an internet startup providing e-commerce solutions.